From the recording Drivin' Me Insane (MP3 FORMAT)

In anticipation of their debut album release, "Headed South," the Crandall Creek Band offers up the title cut "Drivin' Me Insane," an original song that lends itself well to the most authentic, driving sound of bluegrass. The lead vocal performance by newcomer Lilli Gadd, along with the dynamic harmonies of Kathy Wigman Lesnock and Jerry Andrews.

The Crandall Creek Band's dynamic fusion of folk, bluegrass, and gospel music is not the only thing that plays a role in their sound - it's their harmonies and their original songs that set them apart. Jerry Andrews, Kathy Wigman, and Lilli Gadd write most of their tunes for the band, and it reflects their stories of real experiences with everyday life.

Appalachian love, coal mining, and heartfelt spiritual original songs can be heard and enjoyed at every Crandall Creek show. Their vocals are unique, unusual, and so authentic that only a group who create music by writing, traveling, and performing consistently together can create a sound like theirs!

Although they are not family, they sound and perform music like the best family bands.
Crandall Creek's bluegrass music is as authentic as the hills of West Virginia. It doesn't get any better than that!


Drivin’ Me Insane
Train train train you’re driving me insane
My baby’s on the third car back I’m getting on a plane
She said that she would leave here
And never would return
She sitting in the third car back
My heart it starts to burn

Train train train why don’t you stay away
Pass right by this station come back another day
I can’t take the heartache and I can’t stand the pain
Blow right by this station you’re driving me insane

Well conductor tell the brakeman
You’re headed down the line
No need to spin that brake wheel
Just keep on making time
Just keep on making time

Train train train you’re driving me insane
Now you’ve brought my baby back along with all the pain
I just left the station I don’t know what to do
I’m a victim of a cold cold heart
How can you be so cruel

Train train train you’re driving me insane
Train train train you’re driving me insane